Saturday, May 13, 2017

VOLUME 0: ELEVATIONAL Table of Contents


1. ELEVATE PAYLOADS FROM EARTHResupply for habitats will require frequent and consistent elevation of materials from Earth to space. Traditional "space elevator" concept could be a start.
2. UP-LINK: Climbers Ascend Tether to GEO Node. Associated "strain" might break even the strongest cable at anytime. Thus, a physical cable requires an instant backup capability.
3. DOWN-LINK: Climbers Descend Tether to Marine Anchor.  During normal ops, dedicated downlink would provide downward bound service for climbers to return to Earth.  However, during emergency ops, downlink tether could alternate service as an upward bound tether; then, service downward bound climbers.
4. OUT-LINK: Beyond GEO to Apex Anchor.  Thought Experiment (TE) considers innovative ways to leverage Space Elevator (SE) beyond Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO).  Beyond GEO, "elevator" transforms to "conveyor belt".  Consider using O'Neill's Habitat in Apex Anchor role.
5. LIFEBOATS: Ride the Virtual Tether.  For a rapid return to Earth's surface, necessity will give birth to lifeboat vehicles which can anytime, safely descend back to terra firma via Earth's gravity to lower LEO; then, rapidly decelerate via an Earth based, high speed, particle beam to land at zero velocity at surface.
6. (in work) TE BASE STATION CONCEPT:  For all returning lifeboats to safely return via the Down-Link Virtual Tether; the Down-Link Base Station will need some extra capabilities.
7. (in work) SEVERED TETHER:  Several scenarios which all end badly.
8.  ELEVATIONAL ALTERNATIVES  Besides the Space Elevator (SE), there are several other non-rocket proposals which might lift a vehicle and payload from Earth's surface to Earth's orbit.  This chapter briefly describes a few.
9. G-FORCE ELEVATOR: BEAM ME UP Thought Experiment (TE) proposes another non-rocket transport alternative which might prove more practical then the tether or other elevational alternatives. Replace Up-Link's physical tether with beam of ions; a deceleration method will be required.
10. (in work) HIGH STAGE ONE: xxxxxx 
11. (in work) Constructing GEO Node. xxxxxxxxxx
12. (in work) TERRAFORMING REQUIREMENTS: xxxxxxxxxx
13. ELEVATIONAL CHALLENGES Main challenge is to quickly move pax/cargo from Earth's Equator to Geographic Equatorial Orbit (GEO) without the absurdly long cable (which might extend 1/4 distance to the Moon!!!!).



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