Sunday, September 18, 2011

(In work) Off Equator

The optimal location for tether anchor is on the Equator. While it can anchor a limited distance from Equator, this distance is strictly limited by trigonometric concerns.
if you consider the forces involved, the easiest place is the Equator, as all the tension is vertical. Go significantly away from vertical and you start having a transverse component that wants to drag the anchor station towards the Equator. On the opposite extreme, if it was at the poles; your entire force would be transverse, and you'ld be engaged in a giant space tug of war.

TE's Beam Rider would also operate best from Equator as this would be directly under GEO Node. keywords: zenith nadir On the other hand, Beam Rider's Base Station has much more flexibility.
Traditional SE concept
TE assumes tether anchored below equator would result in a "sub-orbit" restrained away from GEO.
Geosynchronous due to tether restraint
Non-orbital because plane of it circular path does not pass through Earth's center.
CONCLUSION:  TE assumes if Anchor moves away from Equator, then, tether must point to a difference circular path which becomes a "sub-orbit" for GEO Node and AA. 
TE assumes .1G acceleration due to Ion Beam which would produce overwhelming advantage of entire trip (surface to GEO) taking 200 minutes versus 7 days.
Another huge benefit of Beams versus Tethers, is that Beam Base Stations can location well away from Equator and still propel vehicles to GEO Node on GEO.


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